Welcome to IMarly.  This is not just a blog this is my place.  I share my stories and my activities with all who enter.  

I love photography, and I have become very good at editing and graphics.  But the best part is I am retired and dedicate all my time to my favorite activities.

Oh and I love shopping online.  I share the deals and steals and the overpriced disasters.  I may even have something you are looking for.  Come back and check.

Marly is thinking to much.

I love to shop hate to spend money.  I love to gamble but hate to loose money.  A healthy balance is all I strive for and here I share my ups and downs (literary).


Life is best at its simplest.  I have been around a long time and life has taught me that lesson.  Back to basics and no more wasting time on empty pursuits. Just one day at a time, one hour at a time and one minute at a time.  No more regrets and no looking back.
Sunrise Kiss
I miss YOU!!
A part of me is gone without you.  The person I became with you has left and is in heaven with you.  I live out the rest of my life with a smile in my heart when I remember the life we had together.  I live out the rest of my life with a heart that will always miss you.


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