Smart Source August 13 Coupon Insert List FL

Smart Source August 13 List

Smart Source August 13 2017

Blink $3/1 lid wipes (9/11)

Blink $3/1 tears, tears preservative free, geltears drops, -n-clean lens drops or contacts drops (9/11)

Blink/Complete $3/1 blink 10oz revitalens or complete 12oz (9/11)

Blink/Complete $5/1 blink 20oz revitalens or complete 24oz (9/11)

Blue Diamond $1/1 12oz+ almonds bag (10/15)

Blue Diamond $1/1 almonds 5oz bag or 6oz can (8/20)

Blue Diamond $2/2 almonds 5oz bags or 6oz cans (10/15)

Birdseye veggie made riced, pasta or mashed item .75/1 (10/2)

Borden cheese .50/1

Dannon 1.00/2

Duke product .55/1

Green Mountain Coffee $2/2 k-cup pods 10ct+ boxes (10/13)

Harvest snaps .50/1

Hidden Valley $.50/1 original ranch bottled dressing or dip cups (10/15)

Maruchan $1/2 instant lunch 6-cup packs (9/30)

Maruchan $1/3 bowls or yakisoba products (10/31)

Musselmans 6pack, big cups or squeezable apple sauce .75/2

Nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker products 3.5oz+ (9/22)

Spray ‘n Wash $1/1 laundry stain remover (9/30)

Totino’s $1/2 12.3oz+ pizza rolls, blasted crust rolls, pizza sticks or stuffed nachos (10/7)

Totino’s $1/4 crisp crust party pizza products (10/7)

Welch’s $.50/1 fruit rolls or fruit ‘n yogurt snacks 8oz bag or 6ct+ box (9/23)

Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks 8oz+ bag or 8ct+ box (9/23)

Red Plum 8/6 Coupon Insert List NC

August 6 Red Plum Coupon Inserts


(Red Plum)

Red plum #1

Red Plum Coupon Insert August 6 2017 3

Aquafresh $.75/1 toothpaste 4.6oz+ (9/6)

Aquafresh $1/1 multi action or extreme clean toothpaste 5.6oz+ (9/6)

Aussie $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (8/19)

Aussie $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products ets (8/19)

Dial $1/2 foaming hand wash, liquid hand soap refill, bar soap 3pk+ or advanced bar 2pk+ (8/27)

Dial Men $2/2 body wash ets (8/27)

Dial/Tone $2/2 body wash or bar soap 6pk+ ets (8/27)

got2b $2/1 styling product ets (9/9)

Herbal Essences $2/2 shampoo, conditioner or styling products excluding bio:renew and trial (8/19)

Herbal Essences $3/3 shampoo, conditioner or styling products excluding bio:renew and trial (8/19)

Jimmy dean frozen breakfast product .75/1

Jimmy deans breakfast product .55/1

Orbit $.50/2 14 piece gum packs dnd (10/28)

Orbit $1/2 gum 3pk multipacks dnd (10/28)

Purex $2/2 liquid 128oz+ or powder 50oz+ detergent (9/3)

Purex B2G1 free 18oz crystals in-wash fragrance booster up to $3.39 dnd (8/14)

Renuzit $1/1 pearl scents air freshener (8/20)

Renuzit B4G2 free adjustables air freshener cones up to $2.20 (8/20)

Right Guard $1/1 xtreme antiperspirant deodorant excluding sport (8/27)

Right Guard $1/1 xtreme precision dry spray excluding sport (8/27)

Schwarzkopf $2/1 gliss hair repair treatment product (9/9)

Schwarzkopf $3/1 keratin color or color ultime (9/9)

Schwarzkopf $5/2 gliss hair repair treatment product (9/9)

Soft Scrub $1/1 4-in-1 product (8/26)

Soft Scrub $1/1 product 20oz+ (8/26)


Red #2

Red Plum Coupon Insert August 6 2017 2

AXE $1/1 body wash product excluding twin packs and trial (8/20)

AXE $1/1 deodorant stick, antiperspirant stick, dry spray antiperspirant or daily fragrance excluding twin packs and trial (9/3)

AXE $1/1 hair care product excluding twin packs and trial (9/3)

Caress $1/1 body wash 12oz+ or beauty bar 6pk+ (8/20)

Dove $1/1 dermacare product ets (8/20)

Dove $2/2 hair care products excluding trial, dermacare and men (8/20)

Dove Men+Care $2/2 hair care products ets (8/20)

Dove/Dove M+C/Degree/AXE 3/1 male and 1 female dry spray ets (8/19)

Garnier Nutrisse $1/1 product (9/2)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter $.50/2 products (9/3)

Knorr $.50/1 selects product (8/20)

Meow Mix $.55/2 simple servings 2pks or 1 variety pack 12ct or 24ct (10/1)

Meow Mix $1/1 dry cat food (10/1)
Meow Mix $.55/1 cat treats (10/1)

Simple/St. Ives/POND’s/Noxzema $3/2 face care products ets (8/20)

Suave $.50/1 invisible solid stick 2.6oz or clinical protection 1.7oz excluding twin packs, aerosols and roll-on (8/19)

Suave 1.00/2 body wash product (8/20)

Suave Men $.75/1 hair care product ets (8/20)

Suave Professionals $1/2 gold hair care products excluding luxe styling and 2oz (8/20)

Suave Professionals $1/2 shampoos or conditioners 28oz, dry shampoo or treatment products ets (8/20)

TRESemme Buy 1 expert shampoo, get 1 expert conditioner free ets up to $5.99 (8/20)



Red Plum #3

Red Plum Coupon Insert August 6 2017 1

Caltrate $4/1 calcium & vitamin d3 supplement (8/21)

Nexium 24HR $2/1 42ct product (10/1)

Nexium 24HR $7/1 42ct product (8/13)

Perdue frozen fully cooked .75/1

Perdue perfect portions or harvestland 1.00/1

Perdue refridgerated fully cooked products or simply 1.00/2

Quaker $1/2overnight oats cups (9/17)

Kebbler sandwich crackers 1.00/2

Kelloggs nutria grain soft baked bars 15ct+ 1.00/2

Kelloggs fruit flavored snacks 10ct+ 1.00/3

Kelloggs cereal 1.00/3

Kelloggs rice krispies treats .75/2

Stainmaster $.50/1 carpet pet stain remover or high traffic cleaner 13oz (9/6)

Stainmaster $1/1 carpet stain remover, pet stain remover or high traffic cleaner 22oz+ (9/6)

Superpretzel $.50/1 soft pretzel product (9/21)

Suspend Polyzone Pesticide for Scorpions In Las Vegas.

Are there Scorpions In Las Vegas?

The Answer is Yes.  Scorpions and other pest can be under control if you use a good combination of prevention, cleaning and a good poison.  

Get an Pest Control Service or DIY?

The best way to help answer that is to share my experience.

Store Poisons

 Poisons in the stores did not work.  At least not for me.

Scorpions are very strong and cannot be killed by simply exposing them to the poison.  Scorpions must ingest the poison.  Problem with that is they can last months without food or water.  So months can go by before you see any and the poison you bought at your local store is no longer lethal.

The best item you can purchase in you local store is a glue trap.  Place them in dark areas where you think scorpions may hide and check at least once a week or more.  I know if I discovered a scorpion problem I would prefer they be stuck to the trap instead of walking around my home.


Pay for a pest Control Service.

Yep!! Did that too.  And no it did not work either.

Before moving into my home I hired a company and they sprayed.  After a few months I came across my first scorpion and called them.  They sprayed again also charging me for that second visit.  A week later came across another scorpion and called them again and they stated to me they did not know I wanted the scorpion poison and what they were using is only for roaches.  At an increased price they came back and sprayed the poison for scorpions.  And guess what?  Scorpions were still coming in.

So to wrap up my experience with the service I will say it did not work.  I came to that conclusion several hundred dollars later.


After deciding I was no longer going to pay for a service that was not working I decided to do it on my own.  I talk about it in more detail in my video.  

What I use:

Suspend Polyzone  purchased in Amazon for $52.99 for a 16oz bottle. Click on above photo or here for more information.


Suspend Polyzone Label

Prepare: (Safety Precautions)

Wear protective clothing.  At least make sure you are wearing gloves, long pants (wind will blow liquid on your legs) and protective eye wear (when spraying up wind can blow liquid in your eyes).

How to use:

Wear Gloves.

Shake suspend polyzone before mixing.

Mix two ounces of suspend Polyzone per gallon of water and shake well.

I applied on a monthly basis for three months and then every two months.  



Spray the walls outside your home at least up to 6 feet.

Spray trees, rocks and any walls surrounding the back yard.


Spray behind oven, fridge, cabinets, and anywhere you believe there may be scorpions.  

Solution is safe for humans but treat it as if it is not.  If you spray an enclosed room do not let anyone back in for at least 1 hour or more.

I Am From New York City

New York City Skyline

Yes I am from New York City.  When people ask me what part it is truly a difficult question for me.  A more accurate answer is the five Boros.   I lived everywhere in NYC.

As a child grew up in Manhattan by the age of 14 lived in queens then moved back to Manhattan then to long island then to the bronx then back to queens.  You get my drift.  Even spent a short time in Brooklyn.  Only Boro I never lived in was Staten Island. New York City Brooklyn Bridge While cleaning out my digital photo collection I came across quite a few pictures that I took in the big city.  All bring back memories of what I was doing who I was with.
Bronx Building
If I were to say I did not miss New York that would not be a true statement.  I spent my first 50 years there.  And as much as I hated the weather and the financial challenges you face living there I cherish the strong foundation that I have because of the challenges I faced day to day.
New York City Manhattan
I have thousands of pictures and it will be a long long time before I get to sort all of them out.  Please subscribe and or come back to see more.

Antique Toys

I seem to be drawn to old items.  I always believed antiques was just another name for old stuff.  Now I can look at an old antique toys and can’t help but feel nostalgic.

Antique Toys Wagon  

For me the word antique has evolved into a new meaning. Memories of my child hood years are triggered by items that someone 20 years younger may look at as old.  All I can say is thank god for the internet and cell phones.

I very well may be a hoarder if not for the ability to snap a photo and post to social media or my very own blog.  All of the antique toys pictured here are very old and may have been invented way before I was born but I remember seeing these toys as a child.