Suspend Polyzone Pesticide for Scorpions In Las Vegas.

Are there Scorpions In Las Vegas?

The Answer is Yes.  Scorpions and other pest can be under control if you use a good combination of prevention, cleaning and a good poison.  

Get an Pest Control Service or DIY?

The best way to help answer that is to share my experience.

Store Poisons

 Poisons in the stores did not work.  At least not for me.

Scorpions are very strong and cannot be killed by simply exposing them to the poison.  Scorpions must ingest the poison.  Problem with that is they can last months without food or water.  So months can go by before you see any and the poison you bought at your local store is no longer lethal.

The best item you can purchase in you local store is a glue trap.  Place them in dark areas where you think scorpions may hide and check at least once a week or more.  I know if I discovered a scorpion problem I would prefer they be stuck to the trap instead of walking around my home.


Pay for a pest Control Service.

Yep!! Did that too.  And no it did not work either.

Before moving into my home I hired a company and they sprayed.  After a few months I came across my first scorpion and called them.  They sprayed again also charging me for that second visit.  A week later came across another scorpion and called them again and they stated to me they did not know I wanted the scorpion poison and what they were using is only for roaches.  At an increased price they came back and sprayed the poison for scorpions.  And guess what?  Scorpions were still coming in.

So to wrap up my experience with the service I will say it did not work.  I came to that conclusion several hundred dollars later.


After deciding I was no longer going to pay for a service that was not working I decided to do it on my own.  I talk about it in more detail in my video.  

What I use:

Suspend Polyzone  purchased in Amazon for $52.99 for a 16oz bottle. Click on above photo or here for more information.


Suspend Polyzone Label

Prepare: (Safety Precautions)

Wear protective clothing.  At least make sure you are wearing gloves, long pants (wind will blow liquid on your legs) and protective eye wear (when spraying up wind can blow liquid in your eyes).

How to use:

Wear Gloves.

Shake suspend polyzone before mixing.

Mix two ounces of suspend Polyzone per gallon of water and shake well.

I applied on a monthly basis for three months and then every two months.  



Spray the walls outside your home at least up to 6 feet.

Spray trees, rocks and any walls surrounding the back yard.


Spray behind oven, fridge, cabinets, and anywhere you believe there may be scorpions.  

Solution is safe for humans but treat it as if it is not.  If you spray an enclosed room do not let anyone back in for at least 1 hour or more.